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The project team was led by Halcrow, in association with Oxford Brookes University (Department of Planning) and the University of Oxford (Transport Studies Unit). The main project inputs were from:

Dr Robin Hickman

Robin is an Associate Director and transport planner at Halcrow with wide experience in transport planning and policy research. He leads the transport research sector at Halcrow and is a Research Fellow at the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford. He is a specialist on transport and climate change issues, urban structure and travel and integrated transport and urban planning strategies.

Catherine Seaborn

Catherine is a Consultant in transport planning at Halcrow with previous experience at TfL and FoTenn urban planning consultancy (Canada). Her expertise covers both technical and policy aspects of transport planning with particular emphasis on the interrelationships between transport and the urban realm. She holds masters degrees in City Planning and in Transportation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Peter Headicar

Peter is a Reader in Transport Planning at Oxford Brookes University (Department of Planning). His main research interests are in the relationships between land use planning and travel behaviour, and transport planning policy and practice.

The project team also included contributions from:

Olu Ashiru

Olu is a Consultant in transport planning at Halcrow and a Director of Takedo International. He is a specialist in accessibility planning, transport modelling, data analysis, transport and climate change and the built environment and travel. He is also completing his PhD at Imperial College, London.

Sharad Saxena

Sharad contributed to the early stages of the study, particularly the literature review. He is a DPhil student at the University of Oxford and now works at the Asian Development Bank on transport and climate change issues.

Thanks for additional expert comments from Professor David Banister, Dr Tim Schwanen (both University of Oxford, Transport Studies Unit) and Tim Pharoah.

The CfIT Project Management Group comprised: Corinne Swain, Neil Williams and Matt Coleman.

The CfIT Working Group comprised: Corinne Swain (WG Chair), Lynn Sloman (CfIT Vice Chair), Paul Godier (CfIT), Philip Davis (CfIT), Councillor Shona Johnstone (CfIT), Sue Flack (MRC McLean Hazel), Jonathan Spruce (Tees Valley Joint Strategy Unit), Andy Groves/Jim Darlington (One North East), Danny Lamb (West Midlands Regional Assembly), Tracey Griffiths (Planning Policy, DfT), Simone Sharpley (CLG), Matt Coleman (CfIT Secretary), and Neil Williams (CfIT Deputy Secretary and Project Manager).

Special thanks to the local authority practitioners and members interviewed as the basis for the case study material.

The views expressed in this guide are, of course, from the authors and CfIT and do not necessarily reflect those of any of the local authorities or practitioners interviewed.

All images from the study authors, Halcrow Group, Corinne Swain and Department for Transport (Highways Agency), Middlesbrough Council and Andrew Burns (Matrix Partnership).

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